FLAC Converter

A FLAC file converter is an online software tool that can change how digital audio files are stored and shared. It can convert raw audio files, like WAV, MP3 and FLAC, into other file formats, like AAC, OGG, MP4, and more. It is mostly used by audiophiles and consumers who need to share audio files with others who don't have compatible audio players.

The settings for the conversion process will depend on the target format. When you select one of the supported formats, you will be able to access various options for sound quality and bitrate. For example, you can choose from a range of bitrates, from low to high depending on quality level needed. Additionally, a number of advanced settings can be adjusted such as frequency range and channels.

Avalible FLAC converters:

FLAC to AAC converter

AAC is an audio file format that stands for Advanced Audio Coding, commonly used to store audio on media players & streaming services.

FLAC to AIFF converter

The AIFF file is a multimedia file format used to store audio data for Apple devices.

FLAC to M4V converter

M4V is a multimedia file format used to store video and audio content, usually in an iTunes Store.

FLAC to MMF converter

A Multimedia File (MMF) is a type of file that stores audio, video, and other data in one container.

FLAC to MP3 converter

MP3 is a digital audio file format used for storing and playing music.

FLAC to OGG converter

OGG is a free, open container format used for audio, video, and other multimedia components.

FLAC to OPUS converter

OPUS is a compressed audio format developed by the Xiph.org Foundation.

FLAC to WAV converter

The WAV file is an audio file format used for storing sounds as digital audio.

FLAC to WMA converter

The WMA file is a type of audio file from Windows Media Player, used for music and other audio.

FLAC to 3G2 converter

The 3G2 file is a multimedia container format used for 3GPP2 multimedia services.