Any restriction on file conversion count?

Enjoy unlimited file conversions with our 100% free online service. Use our site as often as you need.

Really no charge for conversion?

Indeed, it's completely without cost.

Safety of my uploaded files?

Your files are in safe hands.

Files are removed from our initial server after conversion and moved to a secondary server.

These files stay on our secondary server for 24 hours before automatic deletion. Rest assured, security for our users is a priority.

What if conversion of my file fails?

Ensure the complete upload of your file before converting. The file should begin to download post-conversion.

Should there be a download issue, please reach out to us at: contact@converra.com

Rights over my files after using your service?

No, we don't keep any legal rights to your files. They are deleted shortly after upload.

Timeframe for video conversion?

Conversion speed depends on your video's length/size and your internet's performance.

Supported video formats?

Our platform handles all video formats. Find more on our converters here: https://www.converra.com/converter/video

Video conversion on tablets or smartphones?

Yes, you can convert a range of file types on mobile devices.

For additional assistance, connect with us at contact@converra.com