GIF Converter

The GIF file converter is a tool that can help you convert animated GIF files to various other formats. It supports most common target formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even 3GP and WEBM video formats. There are also options to resize the image and adjust its resolution. The converter will also preserve the transparency and the animation frames if the target file format supports it.

Using the GIF file converter is simple and straightforward. You just select the GIF file, choose the target format, and click convert. If needed, you may also tweak additional settings like dimensions, resolution, frame rate and so on - whatever suits your project's needs best. To make sure you get the best results out of the conversion process, take the time to play around with the different parameters until you got it just right.

Avalible GIF converters:

GIF to BMP converter

A BMP file is an image file format used to store bitmap digital images.

GIF to EPS converter

The EPS file is an image format commonly used for printable vector graphics.

GIF to ICO converter

The ICO file is an image file format used for computer icons.

GIF to JPG converter

This JPG file is a high-resolution image of a summer beach scene.

GIF to PNG converter

This PNG file is a picture of a white daisy on a blue background.

GIF to SVG converter

This SVG file is a colorful abstract design with geometric shapes.

GIF to TGA converter

A TGA file is an image file format typically used for texture files and high-resolution images.

GIF to TIFF converter

TIFF is a type of image file used in printing and publishing, providing a high-quality, highly-compressed image format.

GIF to WBMP converter

WMPB is a graphics file format designed for use on wireless devices, such as cell phones.

GIF to WEBP converter

WEBP is an image file format developed by Google that offers higher compression and quality than JPG or PNG.